Cartoon image of farmland and rolling hills, overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Connecting Aro Creatives and Aro Audiences sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type.

This blog is run by a physically-disabled aro who is limited in making content fully accessible. For this reason, both the WordPress and Tumblr versions of this blog will not be accessible to all disabled followers, particularly with regard to image descriptions and post length.

I am a verbose, wordy autistic, often prone to repetition. I have been bullied, harassed and abused because of my autistic way of speaking and writing–for not saying things concisely and simply. I do break up long paragraphs, vary my sentences and put very long posts under read more cuts/tags, but I often create posts longer than a thousand words. Please don’t ask me to be more concise, as much as you may need this from me. I can’t be.

(I generally cut hundreds of words and whole paragraphs from my pieces before hitting “post”. At times I don’t explain things as clearly as I should because I am so anxious about trying to limit post length.)

Please note that on Tumblr I often don’t put posts under a read more cut unless they’re very long–they won’t get read otherwise, and there’s the risk of losing the content should the blog be deleted. I always tag for long posts (and very long posts) so they can be blacklisted if necessary, and I encourage people in blacklisting whatever tags they need for their comfort and ease of access.

Because I have chronic hand, finger and shoulder pain, and because my communication style means throwing hundreds of words at the keyboard, and because I get asked many questions on multiple blogs, I do not have the ability to both speak how is natural to me and add image descriptions to other people’s content. I’m in pain a hundred percent of the time while working and writing, so I do have to cut back wherever I can. For this reason, much of my blog will not be accessible for people who use screen-readers.

(It’s also worth noting that only original posts on the @alloaroworlds blog will be tagged, but @aroworlds is fully tagged regardless of post type.)

Any content that isn’t described will be tagged “undescribed” or “undescribed image”.

Described content includes:

  • My original and self-promotional posts as K. A. Cook, as my book covers are described on my main website
  • Original Aro Worlds banners and images

Undescribed content includes:

  • Follower-submitted artwork and visual content, unless it is described by the submitter
  • All reblogged content from another Tumblr user, unless it is described by someone else from whom I can reblog
  • All images in the aro-spec artist profiles
  • All videos

Thank you so much for your understanding!