Allo Aro for Allies

Handdrawn illustration of a mountain road scene with trees in the foreground and bushes in the background. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/yellow/gold stripes of the allo-aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Resources sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

I’m always asked these sorts of questions on @alloaroworlds: What you think I can do to be a better ally to you? Can you recommend any good informative/resource posts allies should check out?

Even though I have spoken about the importance of allies engaging in their own research before asking questions, the lesson is that my future safety and acceptance as an allo-aro in a-spec spaces is too dependent on my ability now to present and re-present information. (Irrespective of the limitations on said ability.) So please find a list of my activism-focused Tumblr posts.

I insist, though, that this post only serves as a launching-off point for your investigating and supporting other allo-aro bloggers, activists and creatives. This post collates only one person’s view on being allo-aro and it does not (and should not) stand for a whole community’s activism.

For further information and resources, Tumblr tags specifically relevant to allo-aros include #alloaro, #allo aro, #allosexual aromantic and #allosexual aromanticism.

In terms of learning what it feels like to be allo-aro, the best way to learn is to read through our tags and our blogs! There’s so many expression and identity posts you’re missing out on when you don’t! It’s also worth keeping in mind that most allo-aro resources are going to be grassroots and informal: Tumblr posts. If you’re waiting for fancy websites and mainstream journalism discussions, you’re doing allo-aro activists right now a grave disservice.

Allyhood and How to Ally

Allo-Aro Alienation, Erasure and Antagonism

A-Spec Community Inclusion and Terminology

Creative Media

  • The tag #alloaro on my aro-spec creative media Tumblr, @aroworlds​​​, collects a range of allo-aro stories, crafts and visual art pieces.
  • Hallo, Aro is my ongoing flash fiction series about allo-aro experiences and the intersection of aromanticism with sexual attraction. You can find these stories on Tumblr, on my WordPress site and as a PDF or EPUB ebook.
  • Love in the House of the Ravens is my serial novelette about an autistic allo-aro character’s discovering his aromanticism. You can find installments on Tumblr and on my WordPress site.

Lastly, in light of the time it took to collate this post, I’ll mention that I have a ko-fi account and I enthusiastically and desperately welcome all purchases of digital beverages. I’m a multiply disabled, trans allo-aro who is not as supported by our government as I need to be to pay my bills and fill my prescriptions, so this is how my allies can help me stay alive to keep making resources like this post.

If you can’t support me financially, then I’d be grateful if you would consider reblogging my allo-aro book master post, my aro-spec book master post or my Hallo, Aro stories. These posts–not my community discussion pieces–are what let me grow my audience for a future of being able to market my creativity.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!