Content Advisory

Illustrated pastel image of mountains with trees and a flock of flying birds in the foreground, overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Content Advisories sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type.

Romantic Content Advisories

I’m allosexual and my aromanticism is best described as either arovague or nebularomantic–aromanticism shaped by my autism. While I do have a fair sense of the difference between (Western, highly neuronormative) romantic behaviours and my own needs and desires in relationships with other humans, I struggle to distinguish between autistic-favourable romance and platonic or queerplatonic demonstrations of affection or intimacy. Likewise, allo-aros can perform many (if not all) behaviours (Western, neuronormative) society codes as romantic in platonic-and-sexual ways.

In other words: what is and isn’t romantic comes down to individual perception. Whereas I can more clearly demarcate sexual content, it is very difficult to provide content advisories for romantic content–and treating embracing or kissing as universally romantic is both raging amatonormativity and harmful to aro-specs who engage in them when they’re not romantic behaviours.

While the need to protect the sex and romance repulsed (and those repulsed by behaviours associated with either experience) in aromantic spaces is important, it’s exceptionally difficult to issue meaningful blanket warnings for romance.

For this reason, this blog is moving to a model of tagging (without additional in-post warnings) for descriptions of specific often-romantic-coded behaviours: kissing, hugging, physical intimacy, etc. It will only warn for romance when it is mentioned or depicted in a piece. All other tags will be based on specific content, not on my judgement or guess as to whether some people find certain behaviours to be romantic or romantic-coded.

Sexual Orientation/Identity Advisories

I will not provide additional warnings for mentions of sexual orientation or sexual attraction identities. I’ll often tag these as #sexual attraction or the specific identity in question to make these posts easier for people to find, but there’ll be no additional content advisories or warnings.

(There is a vast difference between sexual content and content that depicts, discusses or mentions sexual attraction or sexual orientation, and to treat both the same is only to sexualise too many otherwise LGBTQIA+ identities.)

All asexual content will be similarly tagged as #aromantic and asexual or #aroace. (Solely-asexual content has no presence on my aromantic-specific blogs and websites.) The unspoken aro-spec community assumption that all aro-specs so relate to asexual content that it need not be tagged for blacklisting purposes is one I don’t care to reinforce.

Sexual Content Advisories

My use of tags like #alloaro and #allosexual aromantic should themselves stand as warning enough for casual sex mentions and non-explicit sexual content and references in posts about and for allo-aros. Aside from reinforcing an unspoken community assumption that all a-spec spaces share and prioritise the needs of asexual and sex repulsed folks, it feels like a requirement to warn for my existence. Allo-aro-specific tags must be a space where we don’t have to warn for behaviours and experiences common to our identity, and norms around asexual-centred spaces shouldn’t apply here.

(Sexually-explicit content without warnings, tags and cuts has no right in any general a-spec or even LGBTQIA+ community space. I’m simply talking about pieces that reference the existence of sex or talk about it in non-explicit ways.)

I won’t provide additional warnings for non-explicit sex mentions and references in anything tagged #alloaro, #allosexual aromantic or similar. If you can’t bear the mention of the word “sex” or non-explicit references to sex’s existence, please blacklist these tags.

In all other cases (rare as they are) I will provide #sex mention or #non explicit sex mention tags.

Like for romance-coded content, I will tag for descriptions of specific sexual behaviours.

Author Tagging

I tag every post by the name of its author. I’m happy to have conversations about not promoting or signal boosting people who are harmful or hateful, but if it’s just a case of your disliking someone, I ask that you please just blacklist their tag.

Post Length

This blog is run by a physically-disabled aro who is limited in making content fully accessible. For this reason, both the WordPress and Tumblr versions of this blog will not be accessible to all disabled followers, particularly with regard to image descriptions and post length.

I am a verbose, wordy autistic, often prone to repetition. I have been bullied, harassed and abused because of my autistic way of speaking and writing–for not saying things concisely and simply. I do break up long paragraphs, vary my sentences and put very long posts under read more cuts/tags, but I often create posts longer than a thousand words. Please don’t ask me to be more concise, as much as you may need this from me. I can’t be.

(I generally cut hundreds of words and whole paragraphs from my pieces before hitting “post”. At times I don’t explain things as clearly as I should because I am so anxious about trying to limit post length.)

Please note that on Tumblr I rarely put posts under a read more cut unless they’re very long: they won’t get read otherwise, and there’s the risk of losing the content should the blog be deleted. I always tag for long posts (and very long posts) so they can be blacklisted if necessary, and I encourage people in blacklisting whatever tags they need for their comfort and ease of access.

Image Descriptions

Because I have chronic hand, finger and shoulder pain, because my communication style means throwing hundreds of words at the keyboard, and because I get asked many questions on multiple blogs, I do not have the ability to both speak how is natural to me and add image descriptions to other people’s content. For this reason, my blogs will not be accessible for people who use screen-readers.

Any content on the @aroworlds Tumblr or WordPress sites that isn’t described will be tagged #undescribed or #undescribed images.

Described content includes:

  • My original and self-promotional posts as K. A. Cook
  • My book covers (as they are described on my main website)
  • Original Aro Worlds banners and images

Undescribed content includes:

  • Follower-submitted artwork and visual content, unless it is described by the submitter
  • All reblogged content from another Tumblr user, unless it is described by someone else from whom I can reblog
  • All images in the aro-spec artist profiles
  • All videos