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Cartoon image of farmland and rolling hills, overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Links sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type.

Aro Creators and Creativity

  • @aroworlds Tumblr: a community blog archiving art, pride merch, fiction, fanfiction, poetry, music and any other shape of aromantic-spectrum creativity.
  • @aroworlds Tag List: a list of media format and aromantic identity tags on the @aroworlds Tumblr.
  • Aromantic Artist Profiles: a series of interviews with aro creatives talking identity, the aromantic spectrum and creativity.
  • Artist Profile Templates: if you’re aromantic and engaged in any shape of creativity, this guide will let you submit your own interview.
  • Post Prompts: if you’re in need of a little inspiration in expressing or celebrating aro creativity, try these prompts for reviews, promotion and discussion posts.

Fiction and Narrative Media

  • Aromantic Fiction: a list of K. A.’s aromantic short stories and novelettes.
  • Allo-Aro Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about allo-aro narrating protagonists.
  • Marchverse: a list of K. A.’s aromantic and non-romantic fiction set in the fantasy world of the Marchverse.
  • Hallo, Aro: a series of flash fiction stories about allosexual aromantic characters navigating friendship, sexual attraction, aromanticism and the weight of amatonormative expectation.
  • When Quiver Meets Quill: a volume of collected fiction, including allo-aro, aro-ace and aromantic-spectrum narratives.
  • Aromantic and Autistic Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about autistic and aromantic narrating protagonists.
  • Aromantic and Transgender Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about autistic and transgender narrating protagonists.
  • Loveless Aro Poetry: a list of Tumblr poets writing aromantic narratives that don’t centre on an aro’s ability for non-romantic love.
  • Allo-Aro Narratives: a list of Tumblr’s free allo-aro fiction, fanfiction, comics and headcanons.

Allo-Aro Resources and Information

Accessibility and Submissions

  • About: what this blog does and what kind of content is and isn’t permitted.
  • Content Advisory: a guide to what is tagged, how I tag it, why I don’t advise for certain content elements and other notes on content warnings.
  • Submissions Guidelines: optional templates to help guide people in submitting creative content to my blogs.
  • Submit: click here if you’re ready to share your aromantic creativity with the rest of the community.

Aromantic Resources and Information

  • Articles and Guides: this page collects informative articles, zines, infographics and posts about aromanticism by many members of the aromantic community.
  • Discussion Post Tag: this tag collects all of K. A.’s community-focused posts discussing aromantic inclusion, terminology, identity and experience.
  • Pride Patch Tutorials: how to make hand-embroidered cross stitch patches in a variety of aromantic pride flag designs.
  • @aroflagarchive Tumblr: a blog dedicated to archiving aromantic-spectrum identity and variant flag proposal posts.
  • Aro Arrows: an archive of aromantic-spectrum arrow, banner, flag and gradient images free for all non-commercial and most commercial uses.

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